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Daddys Girl

Daddy's Girl

by Georgia Brown

"I need a good lawyer and a Dairy Milk. I'd settle with just a Dairy Milk."

It's Christmas, and Eliza's got an advent calendar, a job she hates and a crashing sense of loneliness. At least the bloke with the lump on his head still cares. A bit.

Terry's got Eliza. That's all he's got. That, the odd rat, and the title of Britain's Most Dangerous Armed Robber. He misses his Lizey. He misses his daughter.

This heartfelt, heartwarming and hilarious play follows the story of Terry, banged up in prison for life, and his daughter, Eliza, a millenial struggling to find love, money and meaning.

Based on a true story, this debut play by Georgia Brown is a timely and touching insight into the life of Britain's prison population.

"Have you spoken to anyone else? Boring conversations give me an eadache."

"Daddy's Girl is a wild, funny, soul-baring show about an unusual father-daughter relationship. It hurtles along like a rollercoaster and I hugely enjoyed the ride," Michael Billington, Guardian critic.

Daddy's Girl premiered at the Vault Festival, London, on 27 January 2017.

You can see photos of the production here and you can view footage of the production here.

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10,000 Smarties

10,000 Smarties

by Josh Azouz

"Tell me your age tell me your age tell me your age. I can’t. We don’t know who’s in."

It’s Enayat’s 17th birthday. Sally’s sung him a song, and got him a cake. But there’s too many candles. 18 of them. And Enayat never wants to be 18. Because when he turns 18, he might just disappear.

Josh Azouz’s funny, sharp and bittersweet new play explores a relationship caught in the web of the UK immigration system.

10,000 Smarties has been researched and developed with young people from across Oxford who have experienced migration and the UK immigration system.

Following performances of the play, there will be readings of short plays written by young people from Oxford – a chance to experience the freshest in emerging writing talent and the results of our youth playwriting programme.

10,000 Smarties premiered at the Old Fire Station, Oxford from 30 June - 2 July 2016.

You can see photos of the production here and you can view footage of the production here.

You can read reviews of the piece here and here

10,000 Smarties is available for touring. For more information, email

10, 000 Smarties is a co-production with the Festival of the Arts Oxford and is supported by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts, the Greenbelt Trust and the Doris Field Charitable Trust.

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